We are rebuilding our gallery and expect to begin showing again in 2-3 months. Check back as we make progress!

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What is The Light Factory?

A thriving cultural center in Charlotte

Where artists, photographers, filmmakers and enthusiasts gather to share their impressions, techniques and passion…

Where budding artists from all walks of life have the opportunity to express their creativity by looking at the world through a new lens...

Where the most recognized, most acclaimed and occasionally notorious images hang on the wall to educate and inspire...

That’s our vision for The Light Factory.

And we hope you see it, too.

Individual and corporate support has been essential in keeping our vision alive and well for more than four decades. Yet we feel as though we’re only beginning. We look forward to new, innovative programs and exhibitions for students and audiences of all ages, and we’re excited about our growing reputation in the national arts community.

Our progress will remain steady because of the continued generosity of members and donors… those who recognize the power of image in the Charlotte region and the world beyond it.